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  About Us  

Core Values:

We support the development of the whole child to their fullest potential as an emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual human being.

We hold the highest vision of the child, valuing every child as unique with their own inner gifts.

We promote the growing independence of the child, remove obstacles to their natural growth, and guide them on their journey.

We provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment of excellence.

We celebrate and uphold the best of American culture, and avoid exposing the child to negative cultural influences.

We model and encourage virtues and moral standards of excellence as central to development of character.

We create opportunities to develop self-knowledge.

We are responsible world citizens who demonstrate stewardship for all living beings.

Core Beliefs:

We believe that:

The pioneering work of Dr. Maria Montessori provides a solid framework for the development of the whole child.

Exposure to world languages from an early age assists in the child's adaptation to the world.

Recognition of world religions increases the child's understanding of the world and develops tolerance and respect for diverse cultures.

Discovery about the world's greatest civilizations deepens the child's knowledge of his culture, his role within it, and cultures across the world.

Exposure to the arts throughout the curriculum rather than as separate disciplines completes the child's rich educational experience.

Direct and frequent contact with nature, outdoor experiences and study, and interaction with the land promotes the child's holistic development.

Staying current with the latest in learning research enhances our ability to support the best for the developing child.

High quality, competent, motivated, joyful, and trained staff are key to the child's optimal learning experience.

A successful home/school partnership helps provide optimal conditions for a child's growth and development as a full human being.

Socio-economic diversity in the school community best supports the development of the whole child.

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